Brampton city hosting the annual vintage auto show

Car shows are a fun event that car owners and enthusiasts look forward to each year. It’s a time when you get to show up and show off your prized car or perhaps just take some time and stroll through the city hosting the auto show and take a gander at some of the great vintage vehicles others have brought. Sometimes there are prizes for different types of vehicles, vendors, one of the best cities that anyone can visit for a great annual vintage auto show happens to be in Brampton City in Ontario, Canada.

Brampton City Vintage auto show 2016

Each year the city of Brampton hosts a vintage car show and makes a bit a day of family fun of it. First, those who attend will get to watch the parade in which the vintage cars take a stroll around Brampton which will also have art booths and food booths set up accordingly. The event usually lasts from around July to the 18th and continues until the 20th Each year the car show has gotten bigger and more things have been added as the Rotary Club continues to raise funds and support the car show. Over the last few years, they’ve gone as far as adding it to the grassroots festival. This year, more local shop joined the support and sponsor roles for the event. Noticeably, the auto glass business near the heart of downtown. visit them at autoglassrepairbrampton online 

Of course, you’ll find there is a judging contest which includes different car classes and will judge on things like the condition of the vehicle inside and out, how well it works and the restoration job In some cases, each car will also be judged on overall appearance. There is just a lot of fun to be had for those who enjoy vintage car shows and need something to do. Of course, one of the added bonus’s is the ability to talk it up with the owners of these vintage cars and ask whatever questions you may have or just take part in voting on your favorite.

Awards for the car show winners can vary year by year. Some years there has been cash awarded prizes while other times there are ribbons, trophies, and have even been gift certificates of varying sorts. These car shows are really something for the entire family and there is a good bit to do. The Rotary club has done a fantastic job each year making it a family event and making sure that no matter your age, there is something to do for anyone. Since it’s been combined with the grassroots festival, those who come to visit or partake in the car show will get to ease their ears to some of the greatest and most infamous singers and bands of all time including, but not limited to people like Sinatra. For everybody who wants to participate in the car show can contact the Rotary club for more information. Spots are often limited, and it’s best to call ahead. The same can be said for anyone who wishes to set up a booth.

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