Healing with Art

Many artists and art organizations have stepped up to offer creative contributions towards the effort to heal Newtown.  Stakeholders are offering ideas to collaborate as we move through this process.

We encourage and are grateful for all artistic contributions that are uplifting to help the healing process for children and families in Newtown.  We are receiving offers to do programs, workshops, artwork donations, and more.  It has truely been amazing.  

We see this effort as long term and uplifting to our community.  Our team's focus is sorting, categorizing, and connecting all we receive that will help encourage,pick up spirits and get them out to the community.  If you have a particular idea or willingness to help in some way, please tell us! 

The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission (NCAC):

The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission serves as a liaison for all arts related offers to help families and the Town of Newtown, CT.  First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra extends sincere thanks for the generosity of caring persons in creative communities and encourages those interested to please work through the Cultural Commission so that efforts may be better coordinated and produce the desired outcomes. 

Official Curator and Custodian of donated art

HealingNewtown is also charged with being the official curator, custodian, archiver and cataloger of all artwork donated to the Town of Newtown from around the world: “This group is archiving all these very kind offers for us to review when we are ready to consider our plans for a permanent memorial,” says Pat Llodra, First Selectman. 

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